Employment Facts and Figures

Looking for a job? Thinking of leaving your current one? Before you make a move, look through our compendium of fast facts about jobs and employment:

Labor Statistics 1

  • 58.6% - the percentage of the U.S. population (aged 16 and above) that is currently employed as of May 2012
  • 37 states - plus the District of Columbia, recorded decreases in unemployment rates as of April 2012

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Job Satisfaction 2

  • 83% - percentage of U.S. employees are that satisfied with their current job, of these, 41% are "very satisfied" and 42% are "somewhat satisfied" with their job
  • 52% - percentage of employees aged 67 and older who reported being very satisfied with their jobs overall
  • 29% - percentage of employees aged 31 to 61 who reported being very satisfied with their jobs

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Determinants of job satisfaction:
1st - Job security
2nd - Opportunities to use skills and abilities
3rd - (tie) Organization's financial stability
3rd - (tie) Relationship with immediate supervisor
4th - Compensation
5th - Benefits

→ The majority of employees are satisfied with their jobs. More employees in smaller companies (less than 100 employees) reported being very satisfied than employees from larger companies (2,500 or more employees).

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Employee Engagement 3

  • 76% - percentage of employees who say that they are satisfied with their work and their relationship with their coworkers
  • 71% - percentage of employees who say they are satisfied with the way their work contributes to their company's business goals.

Other Interesting Facts 4

  • 5 seconds - the amount of time it takes for an employer to make a judgment about your resume. Learn how to write an effective resume with tips from Your Career Genie.
  • 30% - percentage of telecommuters who say they work in their PJs
  • 60% - percentage of office-based employees who report using instant messaging, teleconferencing and texting to communicate with co-workers
  • 1 in 4 - number of jobs supported by retail
  • 57% of businesses that allow employees to keep flexible hours


1 Figures are from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics
2, 3 Figures are from a Job Satisfaction and Engagement Research Report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
4 Figures from The Quarter Roll Financial Entertainment, The Perfect Labor Storm, Work Simple